Vincent Carême

Vincent Carême is a young and dynamic Vouvray wine grower who set up his domaine from scratch in 1999. His rise to prominence has been nothing short of meteoric.

The estate makes a full range of Chenin Blanc styles and uses organic and biodynamic methods across the vines, with all 14 hectares being certified.

The Le Clos – the prized site of the domaine – is a walled vineyard that sits high on the slopes overlooking the Loire River. It produces a dry white wine made entirely from grapes grown from the flint and touffeau soils.

“Rich and soaring out the glass like a Nellie Melba solo. Purity and clarity and confidence. Thrilling. Super fine on the finish. Tingling with lemon. So young, and yet already stunning.” -Jancis Robinson

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