Tea – The New After-Dinner Drink

Often referred to as ‘the other terroir drink’, tea is having a something of a limelight moment in the dining scene.


After-dinner coffee is now considered somewhat déclassé, with diners choosing to cleanse their palate after a meal with something lighter and more refreshing. Caffeine-free and cleansing options such as green tea and herbal infusions can have the effect of aiding digestion and refreshing the breath after a heavy or rich meal.

“Its rise has been helped by the growing confluence of Eastern and Western gastronomy, plus new eating habits such as vegetable-centred dishes (which match with tea), lower-calorie dining (tea has none) and an attitude of less but better quality when it comes to alcohol consumption.” – J. Lalani, Tea – the other terroir drink – guest contributor – jancisrobinson.com


Much like all wine is produced from the fruit of a single plant (Vitis Vinifera), all varieties of tea – black, green, oolong and white come from the same plant – Camellia Sinesis. What differentiates each tea is it’s geographic origin, the part of the leaf used, and the way in which the leaves are treated. Tisanes and herbal infusions (such as chamomile) are often mislabelled as tea, when in fact they are a separate category, and often made from multiple plant sources. Read more



The Chamellia range of teas and tisanes are organic, sustainable and fair trade – making them the obvious choice for the discerning consumer. The following are available through Dhall & Nash:


Earl GreyChamelliaBaiHeXianBlooming14

English Breakfast

Gunpowder Green

Lemongrass & Ginger

Liquorice, Peppermint & Fennel

Mixed Berry


Alishan Oolong

Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong

Blooming Tea – Bai He Xian – Divine Lily (pictured)

Blooming Tea – Dan Gui Piao Xiang

Jasmine Pearls

Longjing Dragonwell

Oriental Beauty

Rooibos Iramisu