Schramsberg is an America’s House of Sparkling Wines, founded in 1862 by German immigrant, Jacob Schram. This was the First Hillside Winery of the Napa Valley.

In 1965, Jack and Jamie Davies bought the Winery and established Schramsberg as a sparkling wine estate on the property originally. At a time when there were only 21 wineries in Napa Valley and fewer than 50 acres of California vineyard planted to Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, they set out to make world-class sparkling wine in the true Methode Traditionnelle style.

The first vintages of Blanc de Blancs & Blanc de Noirs released in 1965 & 1967, this was an innovation in the United States. Their cellar tunnels are 145 years old, containing over 2.7 million bottles. Their Victorian mansion was declared as an Historical Monument in 1889.

Nowadays, Schramsberg, owned by Hugh Davies, produces the finest and most complex hand-crafted sparkling wines from vineyards throughout the cool Northern California.

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