The Petrolo Estate is run by the Bazzocchi-Sanjust family, currently in its 4th generation, and focuses its energy on the production of Fine Wines, organic extra-virgin olive oil, Tuscany IGP and offering a glimpse at the Tuscan countryside to any guests who want to rent a villa on the estate. Petrolo spans over 272 hectares at altitudes between 250 – 400 metres above sea level, in an area known for its prestigious wines.

Petrolo doesn’t make basic wines, only great wines. The winery has been improving in recent years following this idea, only aiming towards offering labels that could speak of and guarantee high quality and, that could represent a coherent identity of the Estate. Making great wines is a complex challenge, a marriage of circumstances are needed: special pedoclimatic conditions, awareness and delicate work in the vineyard and in the cellar and finally, a good dose of luck.

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