Ō Pure

An essential part of life, this water is sourced from the Heretaunga Plains right in the Hawkes Bay of New Zealand.

The Heretaunga plains cover an area of 300 square kilometres on the east cost of the North Island of New Zealand. Three major rivers cross the plains; the Ngaruroro, the Tukituki and the Tutaekuri.

Over 250,000 years the three rivers have formed alluvial fans across an old subsiding sea basin, extending the coast eastwards. Floods and subsequent changes in the course of the rivers created interlacing coarse gravel and fine impermeable beds. This action, along with marine sedimentation during post glacial periods, has formed layers which extend down more than 250 metres to a limestone base. The gravel layers contain one of New Zealand’s finest aquifers. This is what gives Ō Pure Water its soft taste and natural blend of minerals.

“For 250,000 years our water has been making its way through the natural filtering process and has not been touched by man, we bottle direct from our source right above this amazing aquifer.”

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