La Stoppa

La Stoppa is an ancient company that with its vineyards climbs solitary on the slopes of the Trebbiola valley, not far from the Trebbia river, in the province of Piacenza.

The company covers 58 hectares, 28 for woods and oaks, chestnut and robinia trees and 30 for vineyards, all merged and dominated by a medieval tower. More than a hundred years ago, his former owner, lawyer Ageno, planted French vines and produced wines with significant names and a little ‘curious because Italianized: Bordò, Bordò white and Pinò.

In 1973 La Stoppa was bought by the Pantaleoni family, who quickly rationalized the plants and renovated the winery. Today the company is run by Elena Pantaleoni, who together with Giulio Armani wanted the major investments to be dedicated to the vineyard, managed according to the organic method and certified by the Suolo and Salute Institute.


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