Easthope Family Winegrowers

Easthope Family Winery is the new ultra-premium brainchild of World-Class Winemaker Rod Easthope. The ex-Craggy Range winemaker and viticulturist is making wines that are the epitome of diligence and flavour.

“Easthope Winegrowers is the outlet for our winemaking idealism. Our wines are from specific sites and we feel that it is important that there is a “sensory thread” that links the glass of wine back to its source. That thread will manifest as idiosyncrasies of aroma and taste that not only please but also give the taster pause for thought. Key to this is our relationship with our growers. These growers allow us to impose our standard of viticulture to produce grapes that just have to become good wines. This vineyard based effort ensures a hands-off, natural approach in the cellar where time is the key element.”

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