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Château Souverain came to be in 1944 with a tale many will be able to relate to, Lee Stewart was working as a sales exec and frankly, he was miserable. Concrete jungles, deadlines, meetings and neckties threatened to consume him, so he did what many an office worker dreams of whilst staring from the office window. He got out. He bought thirty acres and an old winery on Howell Mountain in Napa Valley.

“Our dedication to high-quality winemaking can be found in the icons on our label… The crown symbolizes our sovereign history as one of the original California wineries and our award-winning wines. A bear honors the California grizzly and our commitment to this premier winemaking region. A crest showcases our founding year, representing 73 years of heritage and the evolution that is still to come. Finally, the grape leaf expresses our commitment to producing the highest quality wines that are true to their varietal and style. Together these icons create a seal that guarantees only the highest quality wine in every bottle we produce.”


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