Georges Road Wines

Delicious, Handcrafted, Limited Release, Single Vineyard Wines.

Georges Road Wines possesses a rare quality among today’s wineries of New Zealand – from the grape through to the glass, Kirk is intimately involved in all aspects of the business, with complete connection to the final wine in the bottle. Georges Road is Kirk’s vision of a single vineyard Waipara terroir. It is a constantly evolving labour of love.

The soil type at Georges Road is known as Canterbury Gravels, essentially poor, free-draining river gravels. Ideal for mineral driven, aromatic wines. Low cropping (at 2.0 kg or less per vine) and meticulous care in the vineyard all contribute to what is in the bottle.

It is true of course that great wine can only be made with great grapes. But the style of winemaking and the decisions made from the point of harvest onward has a large influence on the final makeup of any wine. A wine in the bottle is a story in liquid form – the seasonal combination of the terroir, the viticulture, and the style, decisions and personality of the winemaker and the people who work the land.

ROSÉ Les Terrasses
2014 4 STARS Raymond Chan
4.5 STARS Michael Cooper

RIESLING Block Three
2013 5 STARS Raymond Chan
4 STARS Michael Cooper
SILVER Spiegelau International Wine Competition

PINOT GRIS Selection
2013 5 STARS Raymond Chan
GOLD International Aromatic Wine Competition
DISH #3/160 PINOT GRIS tasting
4.5 STARS Michael Cooper

SYRAH Block One
2012 4.5 STARS Raymond Chan

2013 4 STARS Raymond Chan