Orange is the New Black – Spotlight on Supernatural Wine Co

One of the most fashionable styles of wine in recent times is, ironically, derived from a very ancient technique. ‘Orange’ wines are produced by processing white grapes in the same way as red grapes – that is with extended skin contact. White wines are generally processed without any skin contact at all, producing a clean, pure and refreshing wine. The skin of a grape contains rich flavours, tannins and colours. Extended contact with the skin gives the white wine the structural grip and savoury characters of a red wine (tasted blind, these wines are often identified as being red), with the aromatic appeal of a white wine. The end result is intriguing and very flavourful, making them a versatile food wine that matches well with many cuisines.

The most common grape used for Orange wines is Pinot Gris – with its naturally copper-toned skin, it makes for a beautiful golden-hued wine, with both aromatic appeal and savoury complexity. Other varietals, such as Sauvignon Blanc are being used to makes these wines as well, with each variety producing a different expression of the style.

Supernatural Wine Co_Plain_Black

Supernatural Wine Co in the Hawkes Bay produce two exceptional ‘Orange wines’ –  a Pinot Gris, and a Sauvignon Blanc. Both are 100% organic, naturally vinified and estate grown.










‘Spook Light’ Skin-fermented Pinot Gris

Rose gold in colour. Alpine strawberries, cherries and plums on the nose, with a background of exotic spices. A delightfully cleansing astringency on the palate with intensity, opulence and length.

‘Green Glow’ Skin-fermented Sauvignon Blanc

Deep gold in colour. Vibrant fresh pine and lemongrass on the nose with more subtle hints of lavender, violet and lanolin. A delightful cleansing astringency on the palate with great
intensity, opulence and length.

The dichotomy of red-like structure and white-like aromatics make these wines a fail-safe match for most summer foods – from barbecued meats with spicy marinades, to tapas-style sharing plates to vibrant salads. Instead of reaching for Rosé, why not try something Orange?

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